Monday, April 25, 2016


Other than go out to dinner someplace locally - Rich and I have not done much of anything recently to just get away for a day.  Considered a trip back to Orlando to one of the dinner shows that we really liked.  Considered asking neighbors over for a cookout............but then decided to check with friends that we have not seen in YEARS up in Wesley Chapel.  Linda Bass ( whose husband passed away a year or so ago) and friends/neighbors Mark and Renee Glassman.
Since we were already heading up that way, we took the opportunity of stopping to see my niece, Christine Benjamin (daughter of my brother Don) who lives just 20 minutes from there in Zephyrhills.

First stop was at Chris's home, where she had most of her family (children) there to meet their Great Aunt Donna and Great Uncle Rich for the very first time.    They also had their children with them  - so that means we are also GREAT GREAT aunt and uncle!!!  Nothing like feeling really OLD!!

She also invited my nephew John Benjamin (son of my brother John aka Mick) and his wife Mary, who also live nearby in Zephyrhills.  This was a real surprise, and brought me to tears!  Rich had never met John, as he and the family had moved out of NY State before Rich and I even met!

Below - Chris with daughter Brenda and granddaughter Rahtaya.  Daughter Melissa with her daughters Shawntae, Isabella, and Savannah.  Daughter Felicia with her daughters Keirah, Kailynn, and Kyleah.    On the bottom is Rich and Chris who had to check out Chris's handgun and rifle!  And on the bottom right is my nephew John with his wife Mary.

John and Mary hold to make a trip down to visit with us - and plan a get together so we can meet up with more of my family - his brothers and sisters who live in the Plant City area.   That would be very special!

From there we headed to Linda's house, but not before driving by our old neighborhood and checking out the house we sold there just a couple of years a go.  Still looks great.  We had a great visit with Linda and then headed for Chili's Restaurant to meet up with friends Mark and Renee.  We let Mark and Renee choose the restaurant - because being Jewish, they were celebrating Passover, and we knew they have to fast from some foods during this time.

Dinner was great - and we sat there for what seemed like hours just talking and catching up on old times, and made plans for them to come down our way after they get back from their cruise and we return from NY.

We were back home before 9:00 after a really great day!

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