Monday, May 16, 2016

Back to Cocoa Beach!

This past week we started to get stuff put away at home, hoping to be able to leave here to go north by the second week in June.  And this week we would be spending in Cocoa Beach.   Rich emptied the boat, covered the seats, raised the lift and secured the boat for any bad weather.  All that fishing gear will be packed for the trip north.

I watched, while he worked and notice how well the pineapple plants are doing.  I think we have five that are ripening quickly.  Once pulled we will root and replant for more.

It's been two or three years since we've been back to our timeshare in Cocoa Beach.  Had advertised it for rent again this year, given my medical problems,  a probably trip to Iowa for Dalton's graduation, and then a trip to Black Lake.    When we were unable to rent - we decided to come over for the week.  Hoping that the doctors can figure out what's going on, because riding and sitting in the car is not real comfortable right now.  The trip here, only a couple of hours, was a good test - and we needed to stop a couple of times. Not ready for a long trip, for sure~

We arrived late afternoon, hoping that we could upgrade our room for an ocean view, but with this being boat week - there were none available.  But we are comfortable in our second floor room, with a nice balcony where we can sit out.  Always enjoy seeing the beach, and we got our first glimpse crossing the Banana River to Merrit Island.  Had to snap that picture of the young man on the very tall bicycle!

They continue to do work on the rooms, and the grounds.  

Being boat week the final race was taking place off our beach....  Both tired - so it was just dinner across the street at Dennys.  Rich did the pasta and meatballs, and I had the Bourbon Chicken, minus the mushrooms and red potatos.   All good.    

Monday we have a free lunch here for owners to give us ideas to maximize our costs and save on yearly dues.  We'll see.  But with that we are getting a $75 restaurant gift certificate,   Maybe we'll make it out to the beach this evening.  Maybe a very short walk -  since walking has not bothered me alot, but the abdoman is hurting a bit today!

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