Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Senior Year almost over - Events, Awards and Senior Pictures of Dalton

Have to share some family photos.  Our grandson Dalton will be graduating from highschool this year and venturing on to the next phase - University of Iowa.  But right now all those end of year highschool activities and award ceremonies are taking place.

Back on May 13th, the yearly High School Talent/ Variety Show took place. This is a charity/fundraiser event.  Dalton performed with a musical/dance(?) group calling themselves the Funk Brothers.   With this year's win, they have been voted #1 two years in a row.............but since all but one of them are Seniors.  As our son would say - No Threepeat!  All by one of the boys are seniors this year.  Wich I could insert the video for you to see - but the best I can do is share a link.  It is awesome - pretty good singers and funny!  https://www.facebook.com/DoubleD225/videos/10209865479463125/   If you watch - There are two trumpet players in the front - and Dalton is the one on the left.

Yesterday was Awards and Recognition Night.  West High School Senior Honors Program - Dalton carries a 9,9 GPA.  SO PROUD!

And our daughter-in law, Crystal recently share a few of Dalton's Senior Pictures taken by Aubrey Kall.    What a handsome young man! 

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