Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Happy Birthday Dennis

WOW -  This is one of those things you were absolutely sure you took care of......but didn't!  No worry though, while this birthday greeting is a bit late....we did share our best wishes on his special day.

February 25th was our son Dennis' birthday!  Happy Birthday to an awesome young man, a wonderful husband and father and a son we are so very proud of!

Not too much else going on............we'll schedule something for sure this weekend........even if it's just a trip to Sebring to do some shopping!  In the meantime, the pineapple has ripened,  sliced and almost all eaten!  The top has set and dried for a week, and today we put it in water to root.

Rich, instead of me, did the baking this past week, making a batch of chocolate, peanut butter cookies.  Actually they are supposed to be very similar to the Girl Scout Tagalong cookies, and call for a shortbread cookie, topped with a peanut butter/confectioner sugar icing and dipped in melted milk chocolate.  While they were very good, they were very very filling........Next time: a smaller cooker, and melt the chocolate longer for a thinner texture for dipping.!

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