Sunday, March 26, 2017

Remembering Mom, College Visits, Friends Visit

The older we get, the more it seems we see the doctor.  This past week we both had doctor's appointments; Rich - with the gastroenterologist in preparation for his upcoming roto-rooter! Me, the annual glaucoma/cataract follow-up.   Rich's appointment was a late afternoon one, so we took advantage of the trip to Sebring to have dinner........where else?  Yes at the Hibachi Grill!

Thursday, March 24th would have been my Mom's birthday.  We never stop missing the ones we love..........  Happy Birthday, Mom.  I love you more..............

The 24th was also an exciting day for the family. Dennis and Crystal made the trip to Iowa City.... It was  "Next Stop- Iowa, Admitted Student Day.  Both our granddaughter, Chauna and her boyfriend Ryan will be attending the University of Iowa next year.  Today was introductions, briefing and campus tour for Chauna and Ryan. 

They all stopped at ( including grandson, Dalton, and his girlfriend, Sara, who both already attend the University of Iowa) the Zombie Burger and Shake Lab, in Iowa City for dinner.    Being an avid follower of The Walking Dead, I'm sure this was more to humor Dennis than anyone!!!

On Saturday evening, the two guys across the road came over for dinner.  Tom and Mike are snowbirds from Illinois, who rent the house across the street for the winter months to fish on Lake June and the surrounding lakes.  Except for a fish fry, neither one of them cook, so they eat out just about every single day.  They leave to go back north next Sunday, so Rich invited them over for dinner.  At "their" request I made Linguine with sausage AND meatballs, Caesar salad and garlic bread.  I had made a Butter Pecan cake with butter cream icing the day before.  They ate so much, there was no room for dessert - so we sent them home with cake for their mid-night snack!   Really nice guys.......we had a fun time.

Next week is another doctor appointment.  This time I'm seeing the foot doctor to see if he can figure out what's going on with my heel!
Almost two months to the day - and we'll be on our way to Iowa!  Can't wait to see the family!

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