Thursday, February 23, 2017

Happy Anniversary!

Not a whole lot going on since we celebrated Rich's birthday, back on the 17th.  Lots of phone calls, e-mails and face book posts sending him happy birthday wishes.

Rich went out and harvested the last of the pineapples a few days ago.  This has to be one of the biggest we've grown in the last few years.  Will let it ripen a few more days inside.

Neighbors were here on Sunday and brought us a couple dozen freshly picked oranges!    So, yesterday Rich cut and "hand" squeezed all of them to make some fresh orange juice!  Sooooo  Good!  Then while out doing some palm tree trimming he picked me some fresh flowers from the firecracker bush!  They look great!!

Today we celebrated our 43rd wedding anniversary...............  Yes, this was Rich and I that long ago!

And tonight we went into Sebring for dinner at Red Lobster.  Food was excellent.    It's Lobsterfest!!!!  And tonight was the FIRST time that Rich has EVER had Lobster.  He had the two lobster tails, with Linguine/with lobster and shrimp Alfredo, and green beans with mushrooms.  I had the two lobster tails with shrimp scampi and fried shrimp. We had an awesome waiter, very friendly, excellent service and he brought us a great dessert (brownie with ice cream and hot fudge...........on a tray that had 43rd.... Happy Anniversary written in chocolate!   This was also the very first time EVER that our bill ( after adding the tip) was OVER $100 for dinner!  But the food, the service, the atmosphere was perfect!

 One more birthday coming up on Saturday..............and that should be the end of the February excitement!

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