Thursday, June 8, 2017

Saturday- Pre Graduation Festivities

Saturday morning we started the yard decorations, covering the tables, filling the coolers, and making sure we had everything ready to start preparing the food!   Below, Kim and Kathy begin hanging the balloons.  Dennis and Crystal already had the graduation displays in place as well as the Future Hawkeye decor!

Capture a few family photos before everyone else starts to arrive.  Below - top, left to right:  Kathy and Crystal,  Dennis Crystal, Chauna and her boyfriend Ryan, who is also graduating tomorrow. Next door neighbors and Chauna's best friend Lexi arrive. 

Below- bottom, left to right: Rich, Dennis, Jack and Kim, relax before everyone arrives and we need to start getting the food ready!  Rich, me, Chauna and Ryan, (mom,Crystal behind Ryan, and neighbors in the the back)

Time to get cooking.........and bring all the goodies out!  Dennis was cooking burgers, dogs, brats, Italian sausage and Chicken. We had all the trimmings for the meat, Kathy's homemade potato salad, slaw and  baked beans, and the coolers were filled with, beer, wine, soda and water.  Everything was delicious!

Time to cut the cake for the 2017 graduating senior.......who has been accepted at the University of Iowa and will be a part of the 2021 graduating class.  Ryan helps Chauna open all her gifts!  Ryan's sister, mom and grandmother arrive!

More pictures of Chauna opening gifts!  And Dennis releases the balloons.

That evening Dennis, Mike (neighbor), Jack, Kim, Kathy, Crystal, Rich and I, Chauna, Ryan, Lexi and her boyfriend Kevin, Dalton and his girlfriend Sara all head for the River Bandits baseball game.  Dalton had to work during the day - but so glad he and Sara could join us at the game!

It was an awesome day.  Dennis and Crystal did a great job planning, Chauna got some great gifts, everyone enjoyed some delicious food and we all rooted for our home team!!!

Day one comes to an end................

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