Monday, June 26, 2017

Weather not good for to Dinner in Ogdensburg

 Saturday was our last day out fishing.  It was a lot more windy than we had thought, but we managed to get in about an hour an twenty-five minutes before the water was just way to rough.  We caught a whopping THREE fish.......and then I got a pretty good shower TWICE on the way back to camp!

Been a good amount of rain as well, which has kept Rich busy baling water out of the row boat!  Enough rain, that we got our waterfalls back!

Sunday was more of the same. Steady winds about 14 or 15 miles per hour, with even stronger gusts!  The temperature didn't reach 70 degrees, and we were down in the 50's overnight!    Today a 100% turn around. Maybe 3mpr winds..... and we are hoping for a little more before the end of the day.

So on Saturday we decided to take a ride into Ogdensburg for dinner.  Friends here suggested that we try the Little Italy Restaurant.................and so we did!

A view of the lake traveling along Country Rt 6 that follows the endge of the river for  or 7 miles.

As you pass into Ogdensburg you pass over the Oswegatchie River.   This view of the lake continues for less than 1/2 mile, where it flows into the St. Lawrence River.
Little Italy was a great little restaurant.  Despite it being quite crowded on a Saturday evening the service was very good !

Really nice...........decorated in true Italian decor from floor to ceiling!

We both selected pasta, Rich with Linguini and sausage, and I had the Ziti with meatballs, and we shared an order of garlic bread.

But we couldn't leave without trying the homemade cannoli !  And they were even more delicious than they looked!

On Sunday we took a ride down to take a look at the Log Cabins located about 3 or 4 up the road from us.  We were pretty impressed with how big the campsite was ( and they also had quite a few sites with hookups for campers).  Cabins of all sizes........and we looked at one of the two bedroom ones, that were waterfront.  Very nicely furnished, with flat screen TV with cable!  They also rent boats/motors.  They offered us a pretty good deal, should we want to stay there next year for 6 weeks.  They have a week open, starting the day we are scheduled to leave here, and we are contemplating the possibility of staying the extra week.  AND we have even been thinking of extending it a little longer with a stop in Pennsylvania and Montour Falls..............We'll see.

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