Wednesday, January 10, 2018

A Pretty Good Taste of WINTER...........but short lived.

For the first time since we bought this house, back in September of 2013, we had to turn the furnace on.

 Last week and especially over the weekend the temperatures got down to the high 20's during the nights.  A bit nippy!   And so while sleeping,  we set the furnace to kick  on when the temperature inside reached 68 degrees.

During the days, or when we were watching TV in the evenings, we'd turn on the electric fireplace, and/or bundle up with the afghan!


But it only lasted for a few days.  We pretty much stayed in over the weekend, especially Sunday when it was cold and rainy most all day.  And so for the past week it's been a lot of "comfort" food; macaroni and cheese,  noodles and beef, goulash.......and left over cream of potato soup!  Mmmm. Good!

Monday was a beautiful day and so we were both getting some overdue yard work taken care of.  Tuesday is trash pick-up so Rich trimmed the palms, and trimmed the bushes in the front yard, and bagged all the trimmings.  We cut and bound the palm fronds and got all the yard waste out front for pick-up.  The toiled in the master bedroom started making this terrible screeching sound...... getting worse by the day.............

Wednesday morning I had an 8 A appointment with the Podiatrist.  And I was
more than ready!  After working in the yard my back muscles were throbbing, as was my heel.   Actually the foot had been bothering me for about a week - so I was very glad that today I would be getting my steroid shot!  In the meantime it was time for the toilet after stopping for a few groceries I made it back in time for Rich to make a trip to the hardware store for a new adjustable ball.... thingy..........!  Anyway this is what it looked like!  And the toiled is silent once again!

For the past week, maybe... we have been once again this year watching the Great Blue Herons making their nests.  They have one well underway in the same tree as last year........and there is another nest in the making in a tree just a bit further away, behind this one.  Rich has his binoculars out..........and I have my camera. The male flies off to gather tree limbs and twigs, and the female weaves the nest. 

They are amazing to watch!

The new Bealls Outlet has their grand opening tomorrow where the old Publix used to be.  Just might take a ride down and see what it's all about.  Got a coupon for $10 off.

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