Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Cooler Weather Remains, Back Yard Beauty, Dinner with Friends

Not a whole lot going on this past week............I guess it's the slow down time after the holidays.  We've both been feeling pretty good though. It's 7:00 am as I write this and it's 49 degrees outside!   Yes the cooler weather is still here, and by
mid week it's supposed to get even colder. Chili is on the menu for Wednesday!  Last night it was Rich's homemade pizza!

We have had a few comfortable days though and Rich was out doing the last of
the maintenance on the boat/motor.  Can't believe I didn't get the camera out as he rigged up some 14 foot boards to make a plank so he could change the lubricant in the lower section of the motor!

Quite a contraption! 👀  That's when I call him MacGyver!😄

This has been a great week to enjoy mother nature!  Not just the weather, but the variety of birds to watch.  We continue to keep watch on the Blue Heron, nesting atop the pine trees, but a few days ago I caught a Anhinga down on the dock.  Love the way they twist and turn and stretch their necks.Was hoping to get him diving for a fish............

This is also the time of year when our camping/traveling friends start to arrive here in Florida, which gives us a chance to see them and spend time with them, if only for a short visit when they visit TT Peace River in Wauchula.  Our friends, "The Clowns" Bob and Laverne just sent us a message they were back in Lake Placid.  Unfortunately, Bob is scheduled for open heart surgery on Friday - so everyone keep him in your prayers.

Well the holidays are over, so we are getting back on schedule for our monthly get-together.  Tonight was dinner at the Hibachi Grill with the Douglas' and the Showalter's.  As always the food was good and the company was great.........but we all missed Krystal.  Unfortunately she was having one of her bad days and hope she's feeling better soon.   We did manage to get her in our picture!   Actually Nathan is holding his phone where a picture of her is displayed!!!

Well another batch of cold weather is headed this way for the next couple of day..... especially during the night!  Bundle up and stay warm!

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