Sunday, February 4, 2018

Cooking, Baking.......and the Country Fair

I really do enjoy we had some pretty good meals these last few days.  Thursday we did Shrimp Scampi over linguine, with garlic bread,  Friday I made up a big batch of White Chicken Chili, with cornbread, and Saturday we did meatloaf with mashed potatoes and gravy and baked asparagus and today - (no picture) we did Rigatoni and Sausage.

On Saturday we went into town for the Lake Placid Annual Country Fair.  Beautiful day to be out and about and there were lots and lots of people!  When a small town like this starts charging $5 for parking - they know the venue is going to bring a big crowd!  It was a fun afternoon - so many booths set up, and there was a free shuttle running from the park to the school, where a large art exhibit was set up in the cafeteria. 

Like most fairs - lots and lots of tents set up.........with tons of places to eat.  Here are a few of our favorites.........a couple a bit unique, like the Crab Cakes, and the Catfish!! 

And a lot of talented people with booths/tents set up with stuff they build or make.  The bench was one of my favorites, and the outdoor wine bottle/wine glass waterfall. 

As we walked around we ran into our neighbor Phil sitting and enjoying the music.  All the clowns gathered for a group photo in front of the mural of the very first Country Fair.   Bob (Silly Willy) came over from the local Rehab Center, where he is staying and recovering from open heart surgery. Stopped to chat with some of the clowns at their booth - and I received a beautiful hand made bracelet!! And of course before we did anything - we had to find the Funnel Cake booth for Rich!!

The other couple of areas that we enjoyed was the Humane Society, the Bald Eagle and the BC Critter's Reptile Rescue which included the snake, the iguana, the tarantula, the 50+ year old tortoise, the turtles from South America and more. 

Also did some baking yesterday and today.   I made up another couple dozen no-bake cookies for Rich.  ( I guess no-bake is not really baking, is it!!).  A Rich was busy in the kitchen making his homemade, yeast risen bread, which went real well with the Linguine! 

Sad news from the family in they lost their dog Venus.  This is really a sad story, as Venus was a rescue dog..........  I'll let Dennis tell the story. 

😭 Devastating news we lost Precious Venus this afternoon 💖🐕🌈. She passed in my arms trying to get her to ER. Bless her heart, the heart defects were too much. Pain free & run free Precious girl. So much to say & wish I could share everything she was able to experience ... Loving home, big brother, first snow, Christmas, watching TV, many toys, freedom & comfort, etc! She was a Hurricane Harvey survivor & a warrior that fought hard! As a Volunteer at King's Harvest Pet Rescue No-Kill Shelter (KHPR) we took her in as a Hospice Foster on 31 Oct 17. I want to thank all at KHPR, those that donated, the community, family & friends that loved, prayed, asked & cared about her, all Vet's that had a piece of her care & Onyx (our lab) that took care of her & provided love & companionship! So crushed but no regrets! She will be cremated & return home where she belongs & deserves! Precious Venus will be missed but never forgotten! Thank you everyone!💖🐕🙏🙌
 — feeling sad.

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