Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Lazy Days of Winter

February will be a busy month with birthdays, anniversary, and family gatherings, but the past week or so have been pretty slow and lazy days.  Typical winter weather with sunny/cool days and a bit colder nights.

Rich had his appointment with the Cardiologist to see the results of his echo cardiogram.  All went well, just a minor adjustment to his medications!  And so he's good until we come back NY in August.   A trip to the Dermatologist to check a spot on his back also went well......... And me.... I have just one more scheduled next week with the Urologist.

We decided to make a stop at the Hibachi Grill after the Dermatologist visit despite it being just mid afternoon.  Kind of thought that food would not all be fresh/hot given the time of day.  Very surprised - it was very busy and everything was perfect!   Not the usual young man doing the grill ----- and he too did a great job!

Tuesday night was President Trump's State of the Union Address.  Watched the whole thing!  This will be one of those speeches that will go down in history as one of the very best!

And on Wednesday we went to Chicanes Restaurant for a complimentary dinner and informational presentation by Todd Pooley, who is an Independent Financial Advisor.  It was actually a very informative presentation on Fixed Indexed Annuities.   Way better rates than a bank CD, but lower than the stock market.  Rates are based on S&P 500..........but if the Market goes down your balance does NOT.

Chicanes Restaurant is located at the Inn on the Lakes in Sebring. I'm sure the restaurant is excellent - but I would not frequent a restaurant  where an 8oz. Fillet Mignon is $50!  We had three choices for our meal, a Fish dish, Linguine, or Tuscan Chicken.  These dishes normally run about $15 on the lunch menu.  I will say that the food was excellent.  Rich had the linguine, and I had the chicken.

Have to share one more thing.  My nice, while going through some of her father's things after he passes away, found and invitation to my High School Graduation!  How cool!!!

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