Sunday, February 11, 2018

Just another ordinary week.....

Not a whole lot going on this past week.  And now there's not even much to watch on TV.  With the Olympics on, most all of the regular programs are not showing for the next couple of weeks.   We've been recording a few movies, just so we have something besides the news to watch in the evening ..... Rich doesn't watch the Olympics - but I am enjoying them.

Tuesday was my visit with the Urologist.  A few month's back a small spot showed up on my right kidney so I was referred to Dr. Arciola.  It took me from November until February to get an appointment!!  Anyway, I learned that I have a tumour/Angiomyolipoma.  This is a kidney tumour made up of fat, blood vessels and smooth muscle tissue, and while they are generally non-cancerous, they can spread into and destroy surrounding tissue. They can also cause sudden hemorrhaging from the kidney into the abdomen when the tumor is larger. 

Mine appears to be small right now.  I went back in for more blood work on Wednesday and I have a CT-Scan - scheduled for tomorrow morning.  Dr. wants to make sure it has not gotten any larger since November - and if all is good we just need to check on it a couple of times a year.

So anyway - this weekend was a busy one.  Rich trimmed the topiary out front    (and I cleaned up the mess!).  He power washed the front of the house, and the foyer area, while I cleaned the windows and swept up the floor in the garage.  He did a lot of power washing out back, with the deck, the walk and the boathouse. 

February is a busy month for birthdays: Dalton, Rich and Dennis.  Then of course comes Valentines Day and our Anniversary.   And hoping that this week goes by fast - cuz we leave to meet up with son, Dennis on Friday!  Excited.

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