Friday, August 31, 2018

A little more accomplished and - Dinner with Friends

I know - same old same old...........but the work has to be done.  Continuing to make progress, but between the hot sun, rain, and getting old, it's a slow going process!!

The front yard is getting back to normal.  The topiary has been nicely trimmed.  The palm tree in the front of the house WAS a Triple ............but the rain and heat and fungus has been a problem, and we had to cut down, to the ground the third now we have a "double palm".  The crotons and bushes are all trimmed in the front.  There is a lot of mold on the front of the house,  and the corner near the front Rich will be out with the Clorox and brush pretty soon.   Still have bushes to trim and the corner near the water to cut back.... and when the rainy season is over the power washer will be out.

And then on Wednesday. while Rich was spaying for weed he noticed a pretty deep hole just under the bushes...........which after a little inspection he determined was another leak in the sprinkler pipes.  Lots of digging.....and this turned out to be on the main sprinkler.... which meant a trip to the hardware store.  But........while on the trip into town, the skies were pretty threatening......and so I took a sheet of plastic and a couple garbage bags to cover the dirt.  And thank goodness..........IT POURED! 

Too wet and muddy - so it was not until Thursday morning that he was able to finish. Thankfully he was done before the skies threatened rain again.

And then we met up with Nathan and Krystal, and Buddy and Diane at (where else?)  the Hibachi Buffet.  This is our first get together since we've been home from NY.  Fun evening, lots and lots of laughter and as always great food! 
Plans for next month are to go to Cody's for 2 for 1 fajitas, before all the snowbirds are back...........and Nathan and Krystal are hosting our get together in October.   John and Carla Foard will be at TT Peace River next weekend so they asked if we could "do a repeat dinner" with them.  Also going to check  to see if Bob and Lavern are back in town.

And "surprise" on the way back home from Sebring the skies opened up.....nasty sky and lots of rain.

Rich has a long weekend for Labor Day and we have no plans.  Checked Ft. Myers and Hudson to see what was going on at the dinner theaters, but nothing looked good.  Not much going on in the, if we can find a decent movie we may do dinner and a movie one night.

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