Thursday, December 13, 2018

Change of weather...

Well it's been a bit cooler......... sweat shirt or jacket weather!  And along with the cooler weather has been a bit of rain.  With the arm all bandaged up, Rich really can't wear anything with long sleeves - just won't fit over the splints and bandage!  But he only has one more week before his follow-up, and hopefully they will remove it, at least the splints!  All in all, he's doing very well and while the doctor prescribed pain pills - he has had absolutely no pain at all.  Trying to take a shower on the other hand.......has been a bit of a challenge.

Speaking of rainy days, caught this fellow in the back yard. When we first saw him, it was just after heavy rain and thunderstorm, so he was dripping wet........ but by the time he started to wander off, his feathers were blowing in the wind.

Not a whole lot going on.  Just the everyday routine of cleaning and cooking and baking..... We did finally get our insurance changed before the December 7th deadline............switching from the Medicare Advantage to the Supplemental. Costs a bit more, but we like being able to go to our doctor of choice.  Everything approved, papers signed and we're good to go on January 1.

Now that it's getting closer to the holidays, most of my Christmas shopping is done.  Everything that I ordered on-line has been received with the exception of the gift for my brother........ It's been more than 3 weeks, and tracking shows it's going all over the place.  Even made it right here in town - then left for Orlando!!  All the other gifts and wrapped and mailed.

Not much baking - but the cookies and Christmas goodies will begin in just a few days. And of course - Rich will need his Pumpkin Pies!  We've had a few new
entree's recently, like Manicotti and Sausage, Honey Mustard and Beer Chicken,  and then a few regulars - Shepherds Pie, and Pot Roast.   Back in NY we always went to a place called M & M's for the best hot dogs in town.  I got the recipe for their meat sauce and gave it a try yesterday!  It was excellent!

And of course this past weekend was the Army/Navy game...........Pictures of the family rooting for the Army WIN...........Dennis and Dalton, Crystal and Chauna!

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