Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Splints and Bandages Removed!!! Our resident Great Blue Heron

Hopefully the LAST doctor visit for either of us this year!  Today we had the follow-up visit for Rich back in Orlando.   We arrived about 11:20 AM - and we were back on the road home about 15 to 20 minutes later!!  Dr Patel saw him right away, and was very pleased with the healing process, saying that it looked very good, he was good to go with no restrictions.........and that the stitches would dissolve.   It was the first time we actually saw how long the incision was - about 5 1/2 inches!

Anyone looking for a surgeon - we recommend Dr. Anut Patel.  He is a Specialist in Plastic Surgery, but is also exceptionally skilled with hand/arm/wrist surgery.  He got us in to see him quickly, identified Rich's problem as in need of emergency surgery, and had the surgery completed within 24 hours!  Rich had absolutely NO pain following the surgery, and it appears to be healing beautifully.

Meanwhile back home this week our resident Great Blue Heron visited us, relaxing on the railing of our back deck.  I think he has also started to build his nest in the pine tree the other side of our neighbor.....Have to keep an eye on that.

And so tomorrow the forecast does not look too good for the whole state of Florida........  I don't mind the storms - as long as we don't lose power!!!

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