Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Dinner with Greenie and Kathy at Lake Sumter Landing

This weeks schedule is looking pretty busy, between pickleball, dinner plans, the Pickleball and Pizza Social and scheduling doctor appointments.
Monday was the beginning of the men's doubles competition in the advanced pickleball tournament, being held at the Truman Rec Center. From our villa in El Santiago, about 2 miles north of SR 466, it's about a 1/2 hour to Truman, which is located on the southern end of The Villages just north of SR 466A. We arrived there around 8:00AM and the competition was already under way. All six courts were in play and there was a pretty good size group of spectators. The tournament was set up as a round robin event so the games moved right along at a good pace. But the sun was out and very hot, very early. We didn't stay for the whole competition. Mo showed up about 1/2 hour after us and settled in comfortably in his folding chair. The guys were putting on a great show and playing hard. Didn't hear yet who won.

From the tournament we headed back north electing to go back to our courts in El Santiago where both played four or five games before everyone had had enough for the day. Four or five games is just a warm up for Rich, so he definately did not quell his pickleball twitch this morning.

Early that evening we met with Dick "Greenie" and Kathy Greenfield for dinner at Redsauce. a restaurant in Lake Sumter Landing, Village Square. Of course we both know Greenie very well, since he is the Regional Ambassador for the Atlantic South Region, but until tonight we had not had the pleasure of meeting Kathy. We arrived about 5:30, the place was very crowed, so we had about a 20 minute wait before we were seated. Time enough for Kathy and I to take a short walk around the square, stopping in a few of the specialty shops. Greenie is still recouperating from heart surgery. He's a little to anxious to get back on the courts, so we encouraged him to take it slow. So the guys were talking pickleball while Kathy and I got to know a little bit more about each other. We shared some family stories, and hometown stories and talked about things we liked to do........(and the guys were still taking pickleball!!!).... and I learned that she had been an editor for a large newspaper in Michigan. So writing was something we both had in common.
Redsauce is an Italian Restaurant with a great menu. Monday night was 2 for $20. Two dinners, two salads, and two cheescake desserts for $20. Kathy said the Eggplant Parmigiana was excellent, as was my Lasagna. Greenie and Rich both went for the deep bowl of speghetti with meatballs.

This is obviously a very popular restaurant in the Square. Adjacent to the restaurant is a fabulous NY style deli. I mean really adjacent, we could not only look into the deli, we could actually get up from our table and walk into the deli. Definately a place we would go back to.

Like Spanish Springs Town Center in the northern part of The Villages, the Lake Sumter Landing Town Center is situated closer to the center of the community. As the name might suggest, the buildings and all are of a nautical nature. We'll take you for a quick tour.
As you enter Lake Sumter Landing along Old Mill Road this is on of the first things you see. I believe, when the building is finished it will be another restaurant in the Square.

This is the back side of RJ Gators Bar and Grill , where outside dining is availabe. You have a great view of the Landing and Lake Sumter.

From this small pier on the lake, we understand that boat rides around the lake are available.

Here's a little better view of Lake Sumter. Those are small row boats you see in the water. Understand the fishing is pretty good.

As you walk along the waters edge, you will see several of these type buildings. Check out that antique gas pump!! Want to know what this building is?

Here is the front. The Villages has their own Radio Station, and this houses WVLG. You can listen to WVLG on cable TV, where they play oldie but goodies, and keep you up-to-date on the local weather.

As you approach the Town Center this is one of the signs you see. Like Spanish Springs there is a raised stage and a large dance area. Not too many people on the squar Monday night. The music was playing, but it had been raining not long before we got there.

This is the view down one of the several side streets looking from the center of the Square. You always see as many golf carts parked along the side of the roads as you do automobiles. Definately the major means of transportation here.
There are so many places to eat when you visit the Town Centers.
This first one is called Up the Creek and is supposed to be an excellent Steak and Seafood Restaurant. The back of this restaurant also faces the lake.
And of course there is always Johnny Rockets where you are sure to see Villagers sitting outside every afternoon enjoying some of the best burgers in the area.
Tomorrow is the Pickleball and Pizza Social and then we have dinner plans again for tommorow evening!!

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