Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Last Few Days!

Friday was my appointment with the doctor. Almost two months ago, my (Donna) right thumb began peeling, and the tip of the thumb became very red. There was a small opening in the skin, but not enough to cause it to bleed. I began using Neosporin and Antibiotic Creams, but nothing seemed to heal it. I checked with the local pharmasist, who told me to use Hydracortazone and keep it dry, but DO NOT cover it. It was just about healed, when the next morning it started to worsen. I continued the Hydrcortizone but the thumb continued to get worse. Back to the pharmasist, who told me to STOP using the hydracortazone, don't worry about getting it wet, but keep it moist with Vaseline. So.........the thumb began to heal nicely, but then one morning I wake up, and the skin is peeling and cracking. The pharmasist then told me that I would probably need a stronger steroid to get the thumb to heal. Called a doctor in the area, and had an appointment last Friday.

Doctor says.......Keep it covered 24 hours/day and take these anti-biotics!! Four pills two times a day. Take the cover off to shower or wash dishes, dry the thumb and cover it again. "You can play pickleball, but don't let the bandage get wet. If it gets wet, remove it and put a new one on. RIGHT!!!!! About three shots into the game in this humidity and the bandage just falls off the thumb. So I have not been on the courts since. How are the antibiotics working? The thumb looks worse than it ever has........except that it is not cracking and bleeding. Two more days of pills, and if it's not healed then it's back to the doctor. WHAT A PAIN!!

Rich on the other hand (no pun intended!) has been making up for the time I'm missing. Most days he's been playing in the morning, and then heading over to La Hacienda to play for a couple more hours in the afternoon........Early to Bed, Early to Rise!!!!! AND PLAY..

Linda Kramer is going to continue to be his mixed doubles partner, so she's heading up here to The Villages to stay with us for a few days before the Tampa Bay Senior Games in October. They played very well together last year so it's great to see the partnership continue. Unfortunately, she can't make the National Games in Ft. Lauderdale. NO - I will not be his partner.........This marriage would NEVER LAST!!! It will be great to see her again. Can't wait to show her around The Vilalges. She will surely enjoy the level of pickleball play.

But Rich needs to be careful........as he is having some serious foot problems and is off to the Podiatrist on Thursday..........Can you imagine his reaction if the doctor says NO PICKLBALL? I don't want to even think about that alternative!!
Today, our Regional Ambassador, Greenie Greenfield, invited us to join him at the Lady Lake Rotary Club meeting, to do a pickleball presentation. Here's Greenie, doing the opening presentation, talking about the history of the game, the growth of pickleball across the country, the game, the courts, the equipment, etc.

He asked Rich and I to share how we were introduced to the game and our work as Ambassadors, our RV experiences, tournament play and for me as the editor of the Monthly Newsletter, to talk about that and our Atlantic South website.

The meeting was held at the Outback Steakhouse where we enjoyed a delicious lunch of salad, fried shrimp, sweet potato fries and green beans. It was delicious! We had a great time and really enjoyed doing the presentation.

Will let you know how Rich makes out on Thursday!!

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  1. Hi Donna.

    Sorry to hear about the thumb and we hope it will heal soon. Sounds very strange whatever it is. We are at TT Cultus Lake in British Columbia with Jim and Jane until Sep 14th. Played pickleball twice here so far but at outdoor courts located across the street in a park that used to be part of TT until they sold it to private interests in 1997. What a shame they let it go. Weather is wonderful. Trees, mountains and lakes everywhere here about 10 miles from the BC, Washington state border. Hope to see you both at Peace River in February.