Thursday, August 20, 2009

Geezers and Gals - Pickleball Social

We've been playing pickleball at several places here in The Villages, and we each have our own favorite places to play. The courts at Churchill Street where I enjoy playing the most and the courts at Pimlico where Rich goes several times a week have been closed for a couple of weeks for resurfacing. So I can go to either El Santiago or over to Laurel Manor, where most of the Churchill gang has gone. And Rich goes to either Lake Miona, Saddlebrook or El Santiago.

But we had travelled down to the southern part of The Villages a few weeks back and played with the group at the Bacall Center. Yesterday we were invited to join their Pickleball Social. Open play started at 7:00 am, but Rich and I did not arrive until about 9:00. Rich's foot is really bothering him, so he decided not to play at all today. (Appointment with the Podiatrist next week!!). When we arrived the eight courts were filled and about 4 or 5 people were waiting to play. I got in about 4 really good games.

At 10:00 Coach Mo was scheduled to give a clinic, so I participated for some of it, but had to grab some pictures of both the clinic and some of the people that play regularly there. There are some very good players always ready to improve their game. But they are one of the most friendly groups of players we have met here. Always make us feel welcome.

By 11:30 everyone was inside the rec center for the "food" portion of the Social. Yes - thats a long line of pizza's. Assorted - plain, pepparoni, cheese, green pepper, sausage, and full veggie. That was accompanied by a fabulous Italian salad, watermellon, chocolate, chips, cookies and soda or water to drink.

This is Al, Margie and Dennis - Pretty much the leaders of the Geezers and Gals. Margie did a great job designing the shirts!! Some of you may also remember Al if you played in the Heartland Games down in Sebring (Tanglewood) last winter.

This story is so funny! I correspond regularly with a couple, Tom and Ann Early, who live in the northern part of Georgia. They have a very large estate there, which includes pickleball courts where about 30 players come to play. While sitting at the table talking with "Greenie", Rich and I were telling him about a guy named "George" that had a home in N. Georga, as well as home here at The Villages. Just as we mentioned the name "George" the guy in this picture was walking by, stopped, turned to us and said. Hi...I'm George! Rich says - Hi, but you're not the George, of "George and Clair" - to which he replied "yes I am". Coincidence????? As it turned out this the THE GEORGE ODOM that we just happened to be talking about. He joined us at the table and we learned all about Tom and Ann's pickleball in N. Georgia. Funny, funny man!!

Now - we had previously made plans to meet up with Mo that evening at the Golden Corral. Jeannie is visiting family in Nova Scotia - so Mo needs to eat out for a week!! Knowing we had dinner plans, I ate very light at the Pizza Social. Rich, on the other hand managed FOUR pices of pizza, TWO trips for salad, a package of chocolate chip cookies, and about THREE DOZEN chocolate kisses!! At the Golden Corral he only managed TWO dishes of food ( Steak, Pot Roast, Stuffing, Green Beans, Mashed potatoes, Mushroom s and mushroom gravy, etc.) Unlike Homers in Sebring where he feasts on the chocolate eclairs, he had to settle for cheesecake with whip cream and coconut cream pie!!

As usual, dinner and conversation with Mo is always delightful. A great ending to a very busy but fun day.

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