Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Dog Days of Wauchula!

 Every day more and more of our friends are leaving Florida.  This past week it's been down to just a little more than a handful.......  and Stan and Sally have returned to Torrey Oaks from their Carribbean Cruise.
Definately the Dog Days of Wauchula.  Not just because the temperatures during the days are reaching into the 90's, the humidity is on the rise and the air conditioner is running non-stop,  but we have been enjoying some very REAL dog days!!

Do you all remember Darby - the pretty little Chiweenie that Bruce and Gena rescued?  Well they took off on Friday night to see the Passion Play here in Wauchula so they dropped Miss Darby at our place about 6:30 and she spent about four hours with us.   She was back again on Saturday evening when we had Bruce and Gena over for a cookout and  again on Tuesday when her Mom and Dad had to make a trip to Venice.  We will definately miss this little one (and Bruce and Gena too!) when they leave for Tennessee.

Above Miss Darby and  Buddy's Mr. Pooh Bear were in attendance at our gathering on Tuesday night at our place.  ( I think they are talking about getting together again in Tennessee!!) 

We decided on a little get together on Tuesday evening to say our final good byes for the summer.   Buddy and Diane were leaving on Wednesday morning, Stan and Sally within the week and Bruce and Gena next Saturday.
 Stan and Sally came over for dinner, and then about 6:30 Buddy and Diane and Bruce and Gena headed over to join us for dessert.  Pictured above is Rich, Stan, Buddy and Bruce. 

And then Rich got a picture of us ladies.  Gena, Me, Diane and Sally.

It was a very enjoyable evening.  What better way to end the season than with good food and great friends!

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