Sunday, April 24, 2011


It was nice to be home for Easter.  We had dinner today with our very special friends Don and Linda.  Linda's brother Bob who we have not seen in a couple of years was also joining us. Don and Linda were the very first people we met when we moved here, and over the years we have shared many many a holiday together.  They are more like extended family than friends.  

When we arrived, the dining room table was almost ready for our afternoon feast.  Only thing missing was us and the food!  

One of our very favorite places to spend the day - out on the lanai with a refreshing drink and enjoying nature.

There is always something to watch from the  lanai looking out over the pond and the berm.  Today was no different.  We spent some time out here after dinner watching the birds dive for fish, and even saw one of the small gators on the other side of the berm.  In the past we have observed deer feeding just along the line of trees at the water's edge.
And we can't forget two of our favorite furry friends...........The top picture is of Cheyenne, who sadly, is getting on in age.  He's 14 now, the arthritis is setting in and he's not hearing too well.  Cheyenne was just a puppy when we moved here in 1998,  And sitting in the recliner is Dakota.  He's a few years younger , and still being active - quite annoying to his big brother at times. But a special guy just the same...........loves to play, eat and bark at the thunder!!

And now on to dinner!!  We enjoyed some cheese and crackers and a glass of wine before our meal.......and then feasted on ham, baked white and sweet potatos with all the fixins, green bean casserole and fresh rolls.

Don and Linda made up these cute easter candy bags and placed one at each table setting. After dishes we sat again and enjoyed  cookes and Black Forest cake for dessert.   Cleared the table and met on the lanai for cold drinks and conversation. 

A perfect place to snap a picture of  the group.  Top left is Don and Linda. Top right is Linda with her brother Bob.  And that's Rich and I beside the easter eggs!!

It was after 5:00 when we headed back for Wauchula. As we headed down Bruce B Downs, I had to snap just one more we were stopped at the red light about 500 ft from getting on to I-75 south........
A typical Florida site......Sandhill Cranes  who think they are human..... We had gotten used to seeing them walking down the middle of the road in our community.....but this is the first time I'd seen them so close to the busy traffic.  They are absolutely beautiful birds........

As we headed south on I-75 we hit some rain showers.......and it rained until we were heading west on 674 through Sun City Center.........But we had enjoyed a beautiful day, a delicious dinner and the company of great friends.  Not even the rain could ruin the day.

Happy Easter Everyone!!

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