Friday, March 16, 2012

Heartland Senior Games

Last weekend was the Heartland Senior Games, which are held every year down at  the Tanglewood Community in Sebring, Fl.   A little less than 100 players registered for the games and this year they were able to set up FOUR pickleball courts on their tennis courts, which gave us a total of eight courts for the tournament.  It worked out really really well.   We didn't have anyone else playing from here at Peace River, but a lot of our friends from around the area were there.  It was great seeing them all again.........

The men's and women's doubles competition was played on Friday.  Below are : top photo -  Mike and Richard from Torrey Oaks playing against Jim and Tim from Solavita, Stan from Torrey Oaks partnering with Dennis from Tanglewood, and Gary Miller and his partner also from Solavita. 

And the women:  Nancy Meyer and Marcia Freso from Ft. Myers,  Louann and  Nadine from Kings Point, Sun City Center,  Linda and Diane from Tanglewood,  Sally from Tanglewood with her partner, Fran from Tanglewood, and  Margie Diaz and Cathy Miller from Solavita.

And below is Rich and his partner Gary Schinderle from Avon Park.  These two have been playing together for a couple of years now and have done very well.  Today it was the Bronze Medal....... Congrats to both of them!!
On Saturday we returned for the mixed doubles competition, and once again some pictures of some of our friends:  Tim and Cathy from Solavita,  Marcia and Bryon from Ft. Myers, Mike and Nancy from Ft. Myers, Jim and Margie from Solavita, Sue and Gary from Avon Park, and Stan and Sally from Torrey Oaks.
 Rich and Linda did very well - they never lost a match.  But the very last game for the gold medal was against Jim and Margie from Solavita . They won the first game, lost the second and the third was a nail biter!   But they finished with the Gold 

Great Finish!

Congratulations to our friends who also took home the medals!
Sally and Fran - Silver
Linda and Diane - Gold
Margie and Cathy - Silver
Marcia and Nancy - Silver

Stan and Dennis - Bronze
Byron and Rob - Gold

Stan and Sally - Silver
Marcia and Byron - Silver
Mike and Nancy - Silver
Jim and Margie - Silver

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  1. Hi Donna,
    I still enjoy reading your postings. Your photos are beautiful and your food looks delicious.
    I am very busy organizing our first National tournament in Canada in July. We already have 140 players registered. We will have about 180 players, the largest pickleball tournament in Canada.