Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Pickleball Tournament at Harbor Lakes I behind on updating my Blog!!!  Back on March 6th, ELS held their annual Sarasota and Ft. Myers Expo.  This year for the first time, the Harbor Lakes RV Resort in Punta Gorda hosted the pickleball event.  Kim Harper, the park manager at Harbor Lakes had contacted Rich and I a few months ago asking for some help in setting up the mens' and lady's draw.   We were happy to help I got the day off work to go and play!

We had 12 people from Peace River compete in the pickelball expo....... We competed against teams from Harbor Lakes, Bay Indies (Venice) and Terra Cia (Palmetto),

Below are the men:  Bob and Jim, John and Rene and Art and Garth!  

And here are the women who competed:  Karen, Hedy, Krystal, Karla, Marlene and Me.

It was a great day.  Harbor Lakes did a great job.  They only have one pickleball court - and the fence is very very close to the serve line - and the ladies played there in a random round robin.  There was also one tennis court where they laid tape and set up two portable nets for two pickleball courts, and the men played there.
Throughout the day water, sports drinks, soda, sandwiches, veggies, fruit, energy bars, and dessert were available for all the players.   A very large tented area was set up with the food and lots of tables to get out of the sun, rest and eat lunch. 
Peace River did GREAT!   Finishing in First Place was John and Rene!! 

For the ladies - since it was a random draw six places were awarded.  First place to Carla: Second Place to Krystal: Third Place to ME: and sixth place to Karen.
All in all there were 40 players who competed in the tournament.  Below is a picture of the entire crew!!

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