Wednesday, March 7, 2012

One Last Night out...... Have Fun - We'll Miss You

Jim and Patti left the park on Tuesday morning and we will them the very best as they travel first to Florida's west coast before they head out west to visit with family. 

So it just made sense to get together one last time.  They both like the Bread Board Restaurant, so we picked them up at 5:00 and headed there for dinner.  Bread Board does a very nice soup and salad bar, but we have never  been big fans of their dinner menu.  Tonight was pretty good though.  They guys went for the Fish and Chips and Patti and I both opted for the Meat Loaf.   After sending it back to be heated - we both enjoyed the meal - and even had enough to take home.

WELL !!!  That was until Patty dropped hers in the parking lot!! Oh My!!

We stopped off at Pure Magic Ice Cream on the way back and treated them to some ice cream.  Always get good service and great ice cream here!!!

We headed back to the park and as we were dropping them off and saying our good bye's Patti says " Oh I wish we could get a picture of the four of us!  Well I did have my camera with me, but it was dark and not too many people around.  But wait..............There was this couple walking down the center of the road!  And yes  they did stop and take our picture!
Rich, Me, Patti and Jim..............Special Friends

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