Friday, March 16, 2012

Travis Hosts Happy Hour

On Wednesday we were invited to Happy Hour at Travis' place.  When we arrived at about 5:45, there was already a large group circling the yard.  We greeted our hosts (both Travis and Baxter), added our Fruit Salad to the food table and found a place to sit for the evening.   It was a beautiful evening; perfect for meeting up with friends.  Below is Travis and Baxter -   Travis acting up for the camera!

I can't even begin to remember all the great food that evening - but Travis fixed  Ham, Mashed Potatoes, and Green Beans - and I know that Pat of Pat and Woody prepared the gravy and Keith and Marie brought that great Waldorf Salad.  And to top it off - there was probably just as much for dessert - including some delicious Strawberry Shortcake.   Below is everyone lined up on their way to the food table.

Don't know exactly how many people were there - but we tried counting chairs, and lost count somewhere around 45.  So - suffice it to say that there was anywhere between 45 and 50 people enjoying the evening.

Below are some pictures of the crowd - Even though the majority of the people there were pickleball players - there were quite a few that we had not met before.

This first couple sitting with Woody and Pat stop and talk to me all the time - but for the life of me I just can't remember their names!

Some familiar faces below - Marie, Rich, Krystal, Nate and Mr. Arcuri, and that's Bob Shirley in the back row.

And that's Karen, Garth, Rosemary, Mira  with Mitch, Tom and Art in the back row.

Judy and Jim, Bob, Bob Stevens............


So many of these people we see on the courts - but some of them are so new!

My Ground Hog Day tournament mixed doubles partner sitting with Lou
And of course - there always has to be a clown!!!!  What a good sport Carol!

It really was a great evening - Great weather, great company, great food!    How can you NOT enjoy this lifestyle?

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