Friday, May 25, 2012

Day Two with the Showalters.......

When we woke on Thursday morning, I quietly opened our bedroom door to make my way to the kitchen to turn on the coffee at about 7:45 am.   I say quietly because I didn't want to wake Nate and Krystal who were bunking out on the pull out sofa in the livingroom.  ( The comfort of this sleeping arrangement - I will leave to Krystal to comment on...........)  Actually the comfort was much like sleeping on a I understand now why at this early hour they had already headed out..........For a stroll on the beach and then off to grab a quick breakfast. (Probably afraid they would wake us!)   They headed of to the Kennedy Space Center for the day...........  But we had made plans to meet for  dinner before they headed back. 

We decided to take them to one of our favorite places to eat, the Lobster Shanty; a waterside restaurant with great food and a great view. 

The entrance area to the restaurant is really quite pretty, with the foilage and rocks and beautiful ponds. 
The ponds are filled with Coy (Koi) fish, which until today we didn't know much about.  But Nate told us that they are from the goldfish family, but unlike the goldfish who grows only as large as his bowl will allow the Coy continues to grow and can live for a hundred years or more.   

We had a great seat and as the sun went down the view of the water and outside seating area was much more appreciated.

I wish I had the picture taken with the food on the table - because it looked as great as it tasted.  Coleslaw, breadsticks and corn fritters are provided while you wait for your meal.  ( We had to have seconds of the corn fritters!!). Nate opted for the Blackened Grouper, Rich the Crabmeat stuffed Flounder and Krystal and I had the Shrimp and Scallop Pasta.   Everything was delicious.

After our meal we wandered outside on to the deck for a view of the Intercoastal Waterway.  The guys are into the fish..............

This time it was lots and lots of Catfish!

 The view from here was really quite pretty, and the breeze made it quite comfortable.  A little later in the evening and the sunset would be beautiful.

This dock looks almost as long as the Cocoa Beach Pier!!! This is looking back at the restaurant from the end of the doc.

One last picture of our friends before they head for home.

We truly enjoyed their visit - and wished it could have lasted longer.  Maybe again next year.

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