Sunday, May 20, 2012

Our week begins in Cocoa Beach

We were up early this morning, a little anxious I think, to get on the road. The park is really pretty empty and quite these days. We packed up the car and closed up the RV, called Nick and Tonyia and met them for breakfast at Paul's Kitchen about 10:00. From there we said our goodbye's and headed north on 17................ Below we are just coming to the end of 528 the Bee Line where it turns into A1A at Port Canaveral. I managed to snap a couple of pictures of the cruise ships in dock as we came off the bridge. That's a  Disney Ship and the Royal Caribbean.
The Ocean Landings Resort is just 10 minutes down the road from Port Canaveral......and right on the Beach.  We arrived at about 1:00 pm, well before check-in time, but or suite was ready so they let us in.  The unit that we own is actually in the B Building, and faces the tennis courts, but  frequently, if a room is available in the A building on the ground floor - they let us switch.  That was the case today.   Our room is directly across from the pool and much closer to the beach.

We have a living room/dining area (below), small kitchenette with a small fridge and microwave, two full baths and the bedroom with 2 queen beds.  Flat screen TV in both the living room and bedroom.  The sofa pulls out to a double bed.  Nate, Krystal - we checked it out...............the sheets are clean and we' re anxious for your visit!!!

 After unpacking and getting things put away, we headed outside and heard a lot of noise in the direction of the beach - so we headed that way.  The 3rd annual Cocoa Beach Space Coast Super Boat Grand Prix was underway.  It had started on Friday, and today was the final day of the event........right in our back yard.  I managed to snap a few pictures of the huge crowd of spectators and a few of the boats as they made the turn right behind our resort.

The Beach............

The Boat Show...........

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So then we headed back........and decided to head a little bit north on the beach  to Mambos on the beach - a cozy little beach bar -  Bloody Mary's were the special today starting at 3:00 pm ...........
A little too early, so we took in the auto show at the International Palms Resort.
  Here are some pictures of some pretty cool cars!!

   And Rich found his favorite.  No ...not the girl directing traffic!   But that little red car is a Willys - we had never heard of it before.  But from what we could find - they started making them in 1941 and stopped in 1971. 
We headed back to the room - got out of the sun for a bit and just relaxed for a short time.  About 4:30 we headed to Anacapri Pizzeria.  I really didn't have any choice on the menu tonight!  Rich has been waiting for a year to get back here for his Stromboli!  And so we both enjoyed one for dinner and it was excellent.

After dinner it was a trip to ABC Liquor............ Relaxing days around the pool here at Ocean Landings means White Russians - so we picked up some Kahlua and Vodka ..... and headed for the grocery store for the Half and Half and some goodies for Rich....

We relaxed at the pool for a short time - me with my puzzles and Rich with his new book - Jim Kramers's Getting Back to Even...........a walk to the beach and we called it a day.

We'll probably call Dave and Debbie Christian down in Melbourne  and Scott Nelson over in Satellite Beach tomorrow to see if they are all playing pickleball tomorrow evening!  

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  1. I was going to call you to see if you made it safely and settled in ok...but with Aric here I haven't gotten much else done! He left today so hopefully I can get caught up with everything else just in time to head over and have fun there. I can't wait! Keep taking lots of pictures so we don't miss anything. :)