Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Day Two ..........

We didn't do a whole lot during the day yesterday - I guess we felt like we needed to rest up for a pickleball evening that we know would run a little late. But I did get out and take a few more pictures around the resort.

This is the main pool - our room is just off to the left of this picture.  The little building in the back is a snack bar.  You can enjoy their daily specials for lunch and catch a cold drink.  And just to the left of that is the hot tub.

This is the second pool - called the Terrace Pool.  No snack bar so for the most part the families/kids stay at the other one.  Water aerobics here a couple days a week and music a couple nights. 

There are four tennis courts just waiting for the pickleball players!  Two of the courts are raised over the parking garage - top picture below.  There are two more courts near the pool that are lighted for playing at night. 

Another very nice feature is this pavilion.  Several tables and barbecue grills for a nice cookout  - out of the sun.  In the evenings you often see groups enjoying the evening.  

Gregory's Restaurant is an upscale restaurant and banquet center that is part of the resort.  Steaks and seafood are their specialty.  Every Thursday evening they have a comedy show upstairs.

Later in the afternoon we headed to the South Beach Recreation Center on Melbourne Beach where we met up with Dave and Debbie Christian and Scott Nelson, our fellow pickleball ambassador for the Space Coast.  There will be a group playing Tuesday evening in West Melbourne and Scott says they get a pretty good group back here on Wednesday evenings.  It cost $2 to play.  We played from 5:30 until 8:00

We did a quick stop at Subway to take home a sandwich for dinner.

This morning we headed out for breakfast to one of our favorite little places to eat here on the beach.  No quite the prices for breakfast that we see at Paul's in Wauchula - but not bad for the area.  It was chocolate chip pancakes for Rich and French toast for me today.  Excellent!

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