Saturday, May 26, 2012

Celebrating Memorial Day before we head for home...

Today we were invited to a Memorial Day Pickleball Celebration at the home of Scott Nelson.  We met Scott a couple of years ago when we played pickleball down in Melbourne Beach and then a second time when he and his son Josh came to play at the Sun City Center Pickleball event.  Since then, Scott has joined Rich and I as an ambassador for USAPA and he represents the Space Coast of Florida, where he has worked to begin pickleball in several locations in Brevard county.

We had hoped that Scott and his wife could join us for dinner at the Lobster Shanty the other day, but a prior commitment did not allow that.  But Scott asked Rich and I to join he and his wife and some of the other local pickleball players for a cookout at their home in celebration of Memorial Day.

We arrived at about 4:00 this afternoon at their home on Satellite Beach. From the front the home appears to be a small ranch style, typical stucco house - but the inside and patio area are far from the norm.  The pool and garden area in the back is absolutely beautiful.  An as you can see below - several of their guests, including Dave, Debbie and their son Josh took part in some pretty awesome ping pong games!

Scott and Paula had prepared grilled sausage with peppers and onions, hot dogs, potato and pasta salads and deviled eggs for the main course......followed by an outstanding grilled pineapple with vanilla ice cream covered in a tasty rum sauce.    That's Scott (red shirt), his son Josh to his right with Rich and David.  His wife Paula serving dessert is in the bottom right corner. 

When Scott is not working, or decorating his home, or playing pickleball ....... he is making wine.  I had the opportunity to taste a delicious red wine today.  Excellent!   Remember - we are in Florida - so there is no wine "cellar".... but Scott does have his wine making room complete with shelves, bottles maked with their  ready dates, his many awards and a cooler ( I didn't get a picture) that stands from floor to ceiling filled with about 200  bottles of wine!    He definately takes this hobby very seriously!.

But - remember ..... all of us are pickleball players and every Saturday this group gets together at the Schechter Community Center on Satellite Beach where they play from 7:00  to 10:00 pm!!!    So with full bellies we headed for the courts..

 Rich's back is still not doing real well - so he was not able to play.  I stayed long enough to play about five games.  There was a great group of players ranging from about 17 years old to seniors; just under 20 players.   It's a beautiful facility and Scott says they set up three courts every week and like tonight get new people looking to learn how to play.

It was a perfect way to end a perfect week and we thank Scott and his wife for including us in their Memorial Day festivities.   Once again we've had a great week here in Cocoa Beach.  It's back to Wauchula tomorrow to get ready to head to The Villages the first of June.

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