Sunday, December 23, 2012

A Village of Christmas Lights

We recently made a trip with our friends Nick and Tonyia to Sebring.   It was Nick's idea!   Last year about this time we made the same trip to have dinner at Homers Restaurant, and then went on to Sebring Village to see the display of Christmas Lights.
 It was so nice last year we decided to do it again.   Dinner at Homers Smorgasboard is always a treat.  They always have such  a great selection of meals and desserts!

Sebring Village is less than a mile up the road from the restaurant.  And just like last year the entrance was beautifully decorated and very welcoming.  So our tour of the community was officially underway!  It was a bit nippy outside - but to make sure we had the best view, Nick put the top down on the car!

It's amazing how much time people put in to decorating in this community.    Here are some pictures of the ones we liked the most. 

This little alien was new this year...... 

And this was typical of most of the homes. 
There is also a small pond in the middle of the community which is also decorated, but unlike last year, we could not find a way to get close enough to enjoy it.    So the top went back up and we headed back to Wauchula.   A great way to enjoy the Christmas Holiday.  Thanks Nick and Tonyia. 

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