Saturday, December 15, 2012

Back to the Good Life!

Nick and Tonyia did not give us a day to rest. Well - actually they did - until about 4:30 the next afternoon.   We were invited over for a small happy hour - just drinks and snacks.   Have to share this sign................. Nick got one for himself and all of his friends in the park........Each a little different, for each couple

We stayed and chatted for about an hour with John and Shelly//

Harley -- who had just finished laying carpet and tile in Nick and Tonyia's Bus

And with our friends Jim and Judy - who will be hosting our New Year's Eve Party this year. 

Nick must have had a couple of drinks before we arrived.... so it was easy to get him to pose for the camera by his new Holiday Sign....
We left for dinner and ran into Lee and Jerry so sat and joined them for our meal.     Tonight was Beef Fritter ( Country fried steak) and Smothered Chicken for me.  We headed back and a few more people had stopped by - Mo and Larry and another couple that we had not met before.  We sat around the fire for about an hour and then called it a night.

Been catching up, and calling or e-mailing everyone with our new mailing address!  Wow are there a lot of changes to make!

It's been pickleball or pokeno or bingo most every day.

On Monday I went to Sebring to see the Radiation Oncologist, got maked and tatoo'd in preparation for my radiation treatments.  They will start on the 17th and I'll be going daily for seven weeks.  Not looking forward to this at all - but after seven weeks it will be ALL over!

On Wednesday we had dinner with Krystal and Nate.   We did a trip to Paul's were everyone enjoyed their meal.  Good food, Good Price!!  But we decided to take home some leftovers and leave a little room ice cream.  So we stopped at Pure Magic, ordered our favorite combination, and sat and enjoyed the ice cream and conversation.  
 WOW - Time flies when you're having fun!

Countdown - 2 more days before we are houseless!

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