Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Eve Fun with Friends.........

What a great Christmas Eve this year.  Art and Hedy have a modular home here at Peace River Park, and just a few short weeks ago their brand new huge deck was completed.  So tonight we all christened the new deck with it's First Happy Hour.  That's our Host and Hostess below and their new deck!

And here are some of our friends enjoying the evening..... and each other!!
Diane and Buddy, Dee and Chuck, Joe and Cindy, and Janet and Archie.  (By the way compliments to Archie - the one who built this beautiful deck!)

Below everyone just having a good time!

Here's Karen with Rich and Tom, Justin ( or Bubbles to his friends),  John and Rosa and Krystal and Nate.

A few folks shared the picnic table before lighting the campfire....  Tonyia, Jim, Nick, John and Judy.  Also pictured is Julia and Jim, Larry and Mo(nique), and Judy holding Art and Hedy's newest family addition - Beau!
A few folks left for home, a few stayed and sat by the campfire and a few of us took advantage of the lights on the pickleball courts!  One the court is Karen, Julia, Nate and Krystal, while Bubbles and I wait to take on the winners!

And then it was home to wait for Santa!

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