Monday, December 24, 2012

In the Holiday Spirit

Saturday morning Rich and I decided to go out for breakfast, so it was the "breakfast special" at Paul's Kitchen.  Where else can you go for 2 eggs, bacon or sausage, grits or home fries and toast for $2.50?   From there it was grocery shopping and Xmas shopping.

Saturday evening featured Mike Thomas at the meeting house.  We seldom miss any of Mike's shows; he's one of our very favorite entertainers.
Being the Christmas Season, Mike , either on keyboard or with his guitar performed his Holiday Show with several medleys of holiday songs that everyone could sing along to.   Sprinkled between the Christmas Caroling was some of our favorite Neil Diamond, John Denver songs and his ever popular patriotic medley.  A very entertaining evening!

On Sunday - I finished up my Christmas Shopping ( Well, except for one or two things!)  Rich, keeping with tradition, will finish his on Christmas Eve day, after the stock market closes at noon!

The days have been a lot colder so the pickleball courts have been neglected a little too much.  Karen sent an e-mail to everyone that she needed to play - so about 10 of us met at the courts at 4:00 to get our "pickleball fix!"

We had picked up a couple of steaks on Saturday, so after pickleball Rich fired up the grill.   But the day was not yet over, there was still the matter of making our traditional potato candy to share with friends.
Actually - Rich makes the candy........ AND the MESS!!!  And I get to clean it up!
Tomorrow is Christmas Eve - and we look forward to spending it with all of our friends at Art and Hedy's place , as we christen their brand new deck!

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