Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Bowl of Fun Lanes - Wauchula!

Tuesday is $1 bowling at the Bowl of Fun Lanes in Wauchula.   We had not been there all winter (except for dinner), so when Nick suggested wings and bowling we said OK!

While Rich and I don't generally eat wings - we understand that the bowling alley has the best in town!  From the picture below (left and around the table) Tonyia, Nick, Joe and Rich - they look like they are finger lick'n good!    Rich had the double cheeseburger, and I opted for a pressed cuban. Excellent!

We  bowled two games and Joe, Tonyia and Nick all celebrate their Strikes! (No - I had a great time, but I couldn't find the strike zone tonight!  Actually, I had a hard time finding any of the pins tonight!))   Rich was the top bowler tonight and above he celebrates his double!  Good Job Honey!

It was a fun evening - might do this again next Tuesday.  

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  1. Sounds like fun! Maybe we can join you next week if you do go.