Wednesday, April 17, 2013

We Really Do Miss Ava.

Well it's been three days since Nate and Krystal came to pick up their little girl and take her home.  Having her around for three weeks reminded us how much we used to enjoy having our own family pet.   Yes- I'll agree, that sometimes I really didn't feel like getting dressed and going for a walk in the morning.....but  the short walk along the nature path with Ava, always brought a smile to my face as I watched her facination with the squirrels.    I was going through some more pictures and found a few that reminded us of her daily routine here......

Her favorite spot after her morning meal and morning walk.  A perfect view to the outside when the door was open, and..................

She knew that when Uncle Rich took a break from work - he'd lay down here and that meant......PLAY TIME

But noon - it was time to go outside.  We had a very long rope that we tied to the chair that allowed her to move about freely.  She would manage to get herself tangled 100 times while I would be doing my puzzels or Tonyia and I would be out playing Mexican Train at the table.  But she loved to sit in the golf cart ( probably reminded her of Mom and Dad) or sit on "squirrel duty"! 

Being outside would tire her out - so this was where she would settle after dinner and stare at me!  I'd be sitting in the other chair and she would always manage to get me to invite her to sit on my lap. 

And at the end of the day, the tail would still be going as Uncle Rich would pick up the leash for the last walk of the day.........And she knew that as soon as she got back it was bedtime...  A bedtime snack and she would find her way...... where else!  To the bedroom. 

We really did enjoy our time with her..........and still look for her or expect her to be there when we open the door.   It's a good thing she's just right next door!

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  1. Thank you again for keeping her. Love the pictures and seeing her "days" with you. She keeps looking our the window for her Donna, so I know she misses you too!