Friday, April 19, 2013

The Final Happy Hour?

When we had the birthday get together we thought it would be the last of the season, but there were still enough friends in the park for one more...... Nick and Tonyia invited everyone to their site to say goodbye and to use up to wood they could not take to their new park.   They will be leaving TT sometime in the next couple of days,  Everyone here at Peace River will truly miss these two, who love to have fun, are always the gracious host and hostess,  who are always the first to lend a helpful hand to someone in need, and who we have come to call our special friends.

Tonight would be simple - kind of picnic style.  Hot dogs over the open fire accompanied by snacks, salads and fresh fruits.  Cake and eclairs completed the meal.     Below everyone settles in for an enjoyable evening.

Joe,   Todd and Teresa (bottom left) with Bill and Marie........

Below: (Top) Bill and Ginny, Bev and Jim.  Bottom: Joy and Richard, John and Rosa.

And joining Rich and I are Tonyia and Nick,
and (bottom) Krystal, Nate and Ava, with Art and Hedy.  
It's too soon to make plans now, but with so many of our friends who  have been annuals here at the park leaving - we too are considering other options.

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