Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Another Night of Bowling

This afternoon I played a little Mexican Train with Krystal and two other ladies in the park, Betty and Sally.   We had a good time, and will plan another afternoon on Thursday..........but we had to stop play a little early to get ready for dinner and bowling.

It was back to the Wauchula Bowling Lanes. This week Nate and Krystal joined Rich and I, Nick, Tonyia and Joe, and another friend of Nick and Tonyia's, Diane, that we just met for the first time.

Dinner in the sport's bar was excellent, as usual.   Then it was three games, and as you can see all of us posed for the "Strike" picture.  This week I am actually joining the group......and once again, Rich got his double.   Where else can you have this much fun so cheap?  One dollar a game, and one dollar for the shoes.
Everyone had a great time......

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