Sunday, June 9, 2013

Closing Up the RV and heading for The Villages

It's been a week since I've updated this..........I know!  

Last Saturday June, 1st, we closed up the RV in Peace River for the summer.  Looks so funny with all the slides in and everything put away.

Hopefully the hurricane season will be mild, and the river wont rise again like last year.

 We are staying at the same villa that we've stayed at in the past.........Not sure that we will return to this one's not being maintained as well as I think it should be, considering what we have seen in other rentals that our friends stay in.  It's a nice neighborhood, and a great location here at The Villages though.

Our friends Nate and Krystal  (That is their RV right behind ours in the top picture)  have been our neighbors for the last couple of years in Peace River and decided to rent here at The Villages for four month's this year.    They arrived early last Saturday and have a beautiful Courtyard Villa up in the northern section of The Villages.  

It has been a fun week though....I played pickleball on Sunday morning and then met Krystal at Mulberry Rec Center for Bunco in the afternoon.  She was the big winner for the day winning almost $30 with the Most Buncos!  We've played a couple more times since then at Mulberry and I played on Monday night at Churchill Rec Center.   The guys have been "working" most of the days but managed to get in a couple mornings of pickleball and make a couple of visits to Dunkin Donuts, where several of the guys who play pickleball meet EVERY morning at 11:00.  I've been back out playing a couple of times and it was nice to see Jeanne and Marlene and Gary out on the courts.   

 Krystal and I went to Seabreeze Rec Center on Saturday morning for line dancing...........Great time and must have been 100 people there.  We will be going again and dancing with the group on the Square before  you know it!

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