Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Ribs at the Oakwood.......

Every Wednesday and Sunday in June the Oakwood Smokehouse and Grill, here in The Villages was offerring a Full Rack of Ribs for just $10.99.  Since this is the last week in June, Krystal suggested that we head for the Oakwood tonight.

  I think the whole town of Lady Lake, FL was at the restaurant tonight.  We circled twice looking for a parking spot!

I'm not real big on Ribs - or meat in general, for that matter, so while Krystal and Nate and Rich enjoyed their full rack with sides and garlic bread, I opted for the shrimp.

No dessert, but Krystal had been baking today so gave Rich and I a bag of chocolate chip cookies to take home!

 I managed to come down with some kind of "rash" this past week, and when I could not standing the itching any longer I went to see the doctor.  Medication over the past couple of days has kicked in and it's looking MUCH  better.  Krystal and I will be off to Line Dancing at 8:00 am tomorrow, and the guys are heading over to a nearby community tomorrow night for pickleball under the lights. (Keeping our fingers crossed for no rain!).  And then a group of us are scheduled to meet Friday evening for more pickleball.

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