Sunday, June 9, 2013

Dining out in Spanish Springs

On  Friday evening we met up with Nate and Krystal at the Town Square at Spanish Springs.   There are three Town Squares now here in The Villages: Spanish Springs, Lake Sumter Landing and the newest one Brownwood Paddock Square - which is in the newest section of the Villages about 3-4 miles south of us.  We will make a trip down there one of these days.

But tonight we started the evening off with dinner at Ay Jalisco's Mexican  Restaurant at Spanish Springs.......... The atmosphere and the meal was very very nice........with Fajitas for Nate and I, Burritos for Rich and the Chimichanga for Krystal.  This is one of our favorite Mexican Restaurants and I'm sure we'll be back again for the summer is over.

After dinner we decided to just take a little walk around the square.........  And of course the very first thing that everyone talk about when they visit here is the abundance of and variety of golf carts.  And tonight was no different; they were lining the streets everywhere - including the Italian Bar and Grill across the street as we started out.

This breezeway is one of the entrances to the Square from one of the nearby parking areas.   A nice place to sit out of the sun and enjoy some chocolate or ice cream from Kilwins  which is that door on the right.

The square also has a variety of places for dining..... including Kilwins,   Toojays, Dunkin Donuts, Panera Bread, Ruby Tuesdays, and pictures below Ay Jalisco, Katie Bells, Gators Dockside and a great Greek Restaurant adjacent to Katie Bells called NY Athens Restaurant.  I'm sure there were more, but that's all I can remember.   Refreshments are also available right on the Square. 

Below is Harold S Swartz.  Known as the "father" of The Villages, he was also the founder, who started  the development back in the early 70's with the manufactured home section, east of State Road 27/441.   The Villages now covers much of three counties.  Harold Swartz died at the age of 93, back in 2003.   You can CLICK HERE for statistics on acres/residents if interested. 

Several people were out tonight enjoying the evening and dancing to the music on the square. There is music and dancing EVERY night ALL YEAR on the Square.  A couple more line dancing classes and Krystal and I will be joining the group at the Square.

Had to stop and get a photo of Nate and Krystal in front of the covered wagon. 

A few other interesting places:  The Spanish Springs Brewery - now closed, was once a very active brewery.  The  MVP Athletic Club - where you can go for exercise, personal training and even spa treatments.   And the Rilato Theatre  which hosts eight big screens

And we ended the evening at Ollie's Frozen Custard.  It was ice cream sundaes for everyone. 

Today - Sunday is a day of rest - well grocery shopping and laundry - if you call that rest.  Got to be done though, if I want to keep up  with Krystal next week!

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