Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter was Fun..............But Different

For as long as the both of us can remember ( and that's a LONG time!)  Easter was always a visit from the Easter Bunny, Church on Sunday morning and then working to prepare the Easter Ham with all the fixins for dinner.  It meant enjoying time with family and/or friends.  It was filling your bellies with home cooking and picking chocolate bunnies, marshmallow chickens and jelly beans all day long from the Easter Basket.

This Easter - the Easter Bunny arrived as usual.  Rich got his chocolate bunnies and peanut butter cups.  I don't do the chocolate - so the Easter Bunny always brings me something special.    I had been looking on line and found a sign that said "There is no Life Before Coffee" and another that said "Life Begins After Coffee.  The wooden signs that I liked the best were less than $5, but was NOT going to pay $12 or $15 for shipping.  So Rich found an old piece of wood and made one for me.  I LOVE IT!!!!

So far so good.    And like every other Easter.............while we don't have family here in Florida, we do have friends.  And so we made plans to spend the day with Nick and Tonyia.   The guys wanted to get in some fishing, and Tonyia and I wanted to play some Mexican Train, so in order to have more time to have fun.............we made plans to eat dinner out.  

Now I am NOT complaining.  I did  miss the smell of ham, the homemade sweet potatoes and green bean casserole AND even more...........THE LEFTOVERS!     We went to dinner early so we'd have the rest of the day.  The guys headed out in the boat and Tonyia and I fixed a couple of White Russians and played Mexican Train most of the afternoon.    

Here we are at Golden Corral.   Rich hates having his picture taken, and this time I think Tonyia caught him  saying something wise! 

We certainly had enough to eat for dinner. So we fixed some snacks, deviled eggs, crackers and cheese..............and watched a couple of movies!   Rich called it a night and I turned on the ball game I had taped earlier in the day. 

The day went by fast .........but it's always nice spending time with good friends. 

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