Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Rich's Project is Finished and I LOVE IT!

On Monday, the Secretary Desk that Rich was building for our living room was finally finished.   Woodworking is something that he enjoys as a hobby............but I think he missed his calling.  He is such a perfectionist!  The detail and workmanship on this piece of furniture is beautiful.

Anyway - the final painting was done on Monday.  Tuesday morning it was ready to bring inside.  The piece is not heavy so were carrying it from the garage through the front entrance.  There is a long enclosed porch with one step up to the main door entrance.  I was holding the legs, while Rich was walking backwards holding the top.  I remembered the step behind Rich..............BUT not soon enough.  Just as I said "watch the step" Rich fell!  He fell very hard and landed in a sitting position.  Not wanting to drop the desk, his arms were extended/stretched as he fell.    Rich has a VERY high tolerance for I was VERY concerned when I saw the pain on his face and he kept saying 'MY BACK" .  He was close to passing out, and managed to lie on his back.  I could tell he was still in a lot of pain, and asked if I should get help.  But he said NO.    After a while I was able to help him up, get him to the couch and get some ice on his back and give him some medication for the inflammation.   He said later that when he fell, the pain just shot all the way up his back.  We kept the ice on/off every half hour or so.

I pray every night to keep Rich safe and healthy...........and today my prayers were answered.  I could not believe it when he got up from the couch and said he felt fine.  He said he felt  'normal'.   And today after sleeping the night he, while he does have a little muscle ache - he is doing great!

So - on with the finished project!!!!  I managed to get the desk the rest of the way in the house myself.....

The bottom left has room for our printer, as well as a storage shelf.

 The bottom right is my hanging file drawer

The top pulls down and serves as the desk area.

There is a small shelf in the upper left corner.  My computer will fit under the shelf when not is use.

And Rich is going to build in some standing file space in the back right portion.

What I like the best is that I not only have my very own desk space..........but this serves as a functional piece of furniture in a corner of the living room that was until now very empty!    And the black finish matches perfectly with our coffee table and end stands.  SO............When it's OPEN........It's  my DESK!

And the rest of the time.  It's a decorative, beautiful addition to our living room.

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  1. I can't get over how incredible your desk is! Although Rich does everything well, I am with you, I think he missed his calling. So glad he is ok after falling!