Monday, April 28, 2014

Our Orlando Adventure

It's been a while since Rich and I got out for a little entertainment.  We decided that we were going to get away from the house for at least a day and just relax and have a little fun.  We asked our friends Nate and Krystal to join us for the weekend.........but their recent move and arrival of their four new horses that they are fostering .........well, let's just say the timing was not good.

It's been a while since we just went off and enjoyed each other's company, without friends or family..... and even though it was only for the day, we had a great time. 

We started out Saturday, mid morning for Orlando which is about a 2 hour drive from home.  

We stopped in Haines City at Bob Evans  - one of our favorite places for breakfast!  

 Rich ordered the strawberry pancakes and I, the Western Omelet.  HUGE - both of them..........and while Rich managed to finish his pancakes..........I left a good portion of mine. 
Back on the road, we continued on to Kissimmee, FL.   Rich just LOVES chocolate, so we decided to stop at the Chocolate Factory, Chocolate Kingdom,  adjacent to Old Town, in Kissimmee.    The reviews on line were pretty good - and I knew he'd get to "sample" some chocolate so we put it on our agenda.   
 We arrived just about 10 minutes before they were scheduled for their next tour.  PERFECT!    It was $16.95 pp for the tour, and for $5 more Rich could go home with a  "made to order" candy bar.    So he  selected the Milk Chocolate, with peanut butter chips and rice crispies.   

When we began the tour, they put us in this little room, where we met our tour guide and got to watch a video about chocolate.  OH MY...........Hope this gets better.........especially when the video was  a "cartoon" like character of a Prince and a Fire Breathing Dragon - who melts the chocolate slippers that the Prince had made for his Princess!!!!   It did get better..........

Our tour guide for the day, was very impressive, very knowledgeable on the history of the cacao tree  and the production of chocolate from the early history with the Aztec Indians to the arrival of chocolate in the modern day love of chocolate..............

Along the way we got to sample the chocolate, from the original state ( 100% chocolate) to the addition of sugar and then milk for milk chocolate ..................   We sampled 100% chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate, we  learned how chocolate is made, and we watched as they made Rich's chocolate take home. 

Given the time......we had to make a decision.  Do we go to the Osceola County Cracker and Pioneer Museum.........or head to International Drive and walk to see what might look interesting?  
We decided to head for the hotel and take a walk along International Drive...............  We said later that "we should have gone to the Cracker Museum!"

This area of International Drive, where our hotel was located did not have a lot of tourist attractions.....except for the souvenir shops.    And we did see an interesting reflexology shop..............and while we didn't go in,   I did take a picture so we'd know which part of the foot affects what!!!   Reflexology is very interesting.......

We continued our walk, stopping and laughing at the multitude of signs, plaques  etc. in the gift shops........ and then stopped to take in a game of putt-putt- golf.

We stopped at Gator Golf.
It was a pretty warm and sunny afternoon, but thankfully there were several areas sheltered from the sun that allowed us a bit of shade and a bit of a breeze.   Along the way we stopped to watch the Florida Alligator, check out the Mud Turtle ( and her baby) observe the unusual layout of the course, with antique trucks and tractors................   Yes - that's Rich, at one of the very unusual holes. 

And while I was taking pictures and enjoying "mother nature"  Rich whooped my Butt!!!......I think he really tried extra hard; it was pay back for beating him the last time we played.  But he beat me good today.  Rich 45 ------ Donna   57.   But hey............I have to take pictures, which is very very distracting!!!

We stayed at the Metropolitan Express Hotel.  A very very old building, but the rooms were spacious and very clean, and the pool was just outside our sliding glass door.  And at the pool was a Tiki Bar.  The "special" drink of the day was the Slushy - most any flavor with your choice of
alcohol.  Rich had the Black Cherry with Silver Rum and I had Orange with Vodka.  Both were quite good.  We chatted for a while with a couple, also from Florida, visiting the hotel.

 Back in the room it was time to shower and get ready for our night out.  But not before Rich opened his made to order candy bar...........He had already opened it and had a bite before I could get to my camera.

We had made reservations at the Treasure Tavern, which was located less than 1/2 mile from the hotel.  We had not been here before, nor did we know anyone who had, but the reviews on Trip Advisor were quite good, so we thought we'd give it a try.  A little pricy, so we were anticipating both good food and great entertainment.   We arrived about 15 minutes before they opened the doors so we chatted with a couple from right there in Orlando, also taking in the show for the first time.

 When allowed inside we were met by a lovely young lady, one of the "Jewels" who escorted us to our table.  We were joined at our table for four by a very lovely couple from Nassau, Bahamas. He was a retired accountant, and she still working as an Attorney for the government. As you can see from this first picture - taking pictures inside was just impossible with my camera!  The other picture is of "Jinx" a very special "Jewel" - who was our favorite of the evening.  She was absolutely hilarious!

The four photos below are courtesy of TRIP ADVISOR and show some of the entertainment we enjoyed during the evening.   The Treasure Tavern's owner describes this place the best:

Treasure Tavern is an un-rivaled one-of a kind dining experience.  Cirque, burlesque, comedy, magic, music and upscale dining come together to create a grown up experience that's rowdy enough to get you going, but classy enough to bring a date! 

The first picture is of the "Madam" in the center and her Jewels.  The Jewels sing, dance and also are your servers at your table. 

Here are a few more of our favorite acts.    There was the lady with the rings, acrobats, magicians and a singer who had an absolutely amazing voice. 

The entertainment was great.  The food left a little bit to be desired. Everything was very tasteful, with the exception of the Beef Medallion.  We were only given the choice of medium or well, and all four of us ordered medium.  All four of us received a VERY well done piece of meat.  The portions of the potato and asparagus were very small - but very good.  Next time I'll get chicken - what we saw on the other tables looked quite good.

The only other dinner theater that we've been to recently in Orlando that is comparable is Capones.  The food at Capones is definitely better - your alcoholic beverages are also free for the evening.  But the entertainment at Treasure Tavern is by far some of the best we've seen.  Adult entertainment.  The magicians, acrobats, etc. were more the quality of what you might see on a cruise.  Very very good.    We would recommend this place to anyone; we'd definitely go back again.

We were actually up early the next morning and headed for home.  We were home around noon after a stop at the Sebring Diner for breakfast.

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  1. This looks like SO much fun! I am even more sad we couldn't make it now, but so glad you all had a great time. I am hoping we can figure out a day very soon that we can get together. Miss you so much!