Saturday, April 5, 2014

Happy Anniversary to Great Friends

So what did Nick and Tonyia decide to do to celebrate their anniversary this year?  They spent the day enjoying their very favorite past time. FISHING.  And they asked us to join them for dinner.

They hooked their boat/trailer to the truck Thursday night ready to head our way Friday morning. They were out on the water early and spent the whole day fishing here on Lake June.
 About 4:00 o'clock Nick sent a message saying they would be arriving in about a half hour - but Tonyia was on a streak, catching one after the other so they were just a bit delayed!!  About 5:00  we saw them heading our way.......

They brought their "catches" of the day with them.   Before 2:00 o'clock Nick had caught a nice 19" Bass, and they'd also got about 15 (shell) crackers.   It was about the time they were going to head in that Tonyia was reeling in one after another - I think Nick said 5 in a row!.

Here's a picture of the bass that Nick got.  There was also one small fish that they were not sure what it was.  When stopping at the bait shop on their way home later they learned that it was a Blue Talapia!

After spending all day in the sun - it was going to be someplace casual for dinner - so Nick suggested Dock 633, just across the lake.   Nick celebrated with a couple Margarita's and Tonyia with a Fluffy Something or Other !  Can't remember the name - but it was like a White Russian and very very tasty!    They decided to leave their boat parked at our dock house for the night so we stopped, got their truck and went back to the house where they left the trailer in the driveway, grabbed the cooler of fish that still needed to be cleaned and we said goodnight.   They'd be back early in the morning, bring us breakfast from McDonald's and then head out for another day of fishing.




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