Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A Little Work...... A Little Play

Rich had a very busy day today .  He was back and forth between his office, checking his stocks, and the garage, working on my stand.... Lots of intricate STUFF today, notching the wood for the legs.

BUT....It was not ALL work today.  He also managed to take some time and do a little fishing off the dock,  He had a friendly visitor today; this beautiful white Ibis.  The bird was flying around the dock when he just yelled at the bird "Here Bird"....and the Ibis perched on the pole along side of where he was fishing.  He stayed there for the longest time......even allowing me to come from the house to the dock with my camera!  Never moved!  Well, that is until Rich was removing the minnows from the hook when he finished fishing, and was putting them back in the minnow bucket.  The bird followed him around to the other side of the dock - stretching to get a good look, and hoping that Rich would throw him a minnow for dinner!     Unfortunately, there is a guy a couple houses down from us on the canal that feeds all the birds almost every day................that's why this one was not afraid of us.  They are beautiful though!

OH for the fishing???  Well - got a few nibbles but only one he caught was a small Bass,  about 14 inches or so.  Not big enough to keep.  But it was a beautiful day to be outside enjoying the weather.......................AND the birds.

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