Thursday, January 29, 2015

A little down time..........a little yard grooming

Earlier this week, Rich took a break from working and spent a little time down on the dock using up the last of the minnows.  No fish today, but Mr. White Ibis returned once again to share the dock with Rich.  Today Rich rewarded his new found friend with a couple of minnows.  They were not going to live much longer......and Mr Ibis was very very happy!

We had been talking about sprucing up the yard a little bit so today we had the Indian Hawthorn that had surrounded the one palm tree at the front of the house removed.   We had tried everything to keep it from dying but were not successful.  So today Cindy (the lady who does our lawn) and her crew pulled out the dead Hawthorn and replaced them with 14 new plants; a combination of   Varigated Arboricola and Crotons.  Once they start growing in  - it will look even better, and it will provide some very needed  color in the front yard.  She also pulled some dying azaleas and continued the row of  Indian Hawthorn along the side of the house.  And lastly - she sprayed the carpet grass that is invading our yard!    They did a great job!  Withing in the next couple of weeks she will be bringing in a load of the red river rock which will enhance the looks of the yard a little more. 

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