Thursday, January 22, 2015

Project Update..........

All day Wednesday seemed like workers were in and out and making a bigger mess of everything!!!  Not really - it was just a hectic day  with everyone working hard to get our house looking even better.

Rich was up early and found time to sneak away several times during the day and work on the end table for the sun room.  The tinting people arrived around 11:00 to begin his project on the sliding glass doors in the sun room.  The two main sliders face south, so this time of year we get pounded by the sun all day long.  So to help keep the windows from baking - thus making it harder to apply the tint film - they made one trip back to town to get a large table umbrella to shade the windows.  We are very pleased with the professional work that he is doing.  By mid afternoon two of the three sliders were completed.  They will be back on Friday to finish the third window.  What a difference. It really looks great!

It was close to 4:00 when the two guys from The Decor Store arrived to install the shades we ordered for the screened lanai.  Unfortunately, it seems that there was some mistake.  When the windows were measured, we were instructed, because of the angle of the roof - to install a beam that would be level, and onto which the shades would be mounted.  We did as instructed.......but as you can see from the hands on the hips - they were not able to figure out HOW to install them.  So as of this morning the shades are still on the table and we are waiting to hear from the Decor Store.  ( I'm sure that what I said is not the correct "technical " terms - but I think you get the idea)

And while all this was going on................Rich finished the end table AND found time to fish off the dock for a little bit before dinner.  One small bass today.  The table is beautiful.  I LOVE IT.  This is just the finished table - no paint/stain yet. 

And while Rich was fishing I whipped up some Homemade Shepherd's Pie for dinner......... we watched a couple of our favorite programs we had recorded and called it a day.

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