Saturday, January 24, 2015

Some good news and some bad news..........

Well, the owner of The Decor Store arrived late on Thursday to see what the problem was with the installation of the shades on the lanai.  Once they figured out how to get the one on the left installed, I was a little disappointed. There was about an inch gap on one side of the shade which allowed a lot of light/sun to get in.  The purpose of the blinds was for both shade and privacy, thus the 3% openness of the material.  Then, the one for the right side had not been measured correctly, as it did not fit without putting in a spacer..........which would result in even a bigger gap!

After conversation with the owner - we had them take the shades down and refund our money.  We were a little disappointed that they did not at least offer to order a new one  to replace the one that was definitely  measured wrong.   Money returned and now looking for another alternative.

The window tinters returned on Friday afternoon to complete the tinting on the last sliding door.  Long story here too..................This young man really is particular and does a nice job, but we were not satisfied with a couple of the windows and as Rich and I were looking closely at them to determine if we needed/wanted them to replace one or more of the tints, they had picked up all their stuff and were heading out the front door!!!!     When I stopped them and asked if they were going to finish....they kept on walking and he said: " I'm not charging you; you got a free job!"  

The imperfections are not HUGE - there are some runs on a couple of the windows at the very top, and what looks like a small slit/wrinkle in one corner. 

Are you seeing a pattern here???   Send my husband to Lowe's or Home Depot - buy the materials and make me what I want  and I'm smiles from ear to ear.  Looks like Rich is going to be pretty busy!!

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