Monday, April 20, 2015

A Busy Weekend

One more return trip to Cora for my vertigo therapy, and she sent me home with  some Motion Sensitivity Exercises.   Sitting on the couch or bed I needed to look to the left, tilt my head to the ceiling and then lie down a quickly as I could on my right side, keeping my head to an angle toward the ceiling. Then count to 30 if there were no symptoms, or wait for the symptoms to subside and then count to 30.  Sit back up and do the same thing to the other side, returning to a sitting position.  I was to do 3 repetitions 3 times/day until there were no symptoms for 3 days in a row.   I successfully made it through three days with no symptoms.  So my therapy is now complete.

On Friday I took off for Sebring........alone.  Finally using my Xmas gift from
Rich for a day at The Spa at Hammock Falls.  Today I was scheduled for a one hour Swedish Massage AND a one hour Signature Facial.   This is definitely one of my very favorite places to go, and Thor and the staff are just wonderful.  Two hours of complete relaxation..................Sure do wish I could do this at LEAST once a month!   But I won't long as Rich keeps this on his Xmas list for me.  

 One more errand to run...Again this year, there was just ONE page that Rich was not able to figure out on the tax return, so having already filed an extension  it was a trip into town to drop all the papers off with Jennifer, the MBA who does our taxes.

Saturday, Rich had a lot of errands he wanted to get taken care of, which included a trip to Lowe's to check out sprinkler heads, to Walmart for some fishing stuff, to Harbour Freight for a saw, to Sherwin Williams to pick up paint for our neighbor,and then to the pump store in Lake Placid to check on parts for the pump to the sprinkler system.

So we headed out early, and stopped at the Sebring Diner for breakfast.  They were very busy!!  I think we were there longer than it took to do all of our shopping!!    Back home that after noon and we started on some yard work, cleaning the driveway and started to trim some trees........  By this time I was just too tired to think about fixing diner - so, with the last of our gift cards.........we headed to the Golden Corral here in Lake Placid.  This is definitely one of the better locations, and tonight they had their baby back ribs,  which were very very good!

Sunday was more yard work, primarily trimming all of the palm trees, and then Rich cutting a couple of the dead limbs from the tree down by the dock.  The bags are full and the limbs are cut and tied in bundles ready to be picked up on Wednesday.   Our Western King Bird and his mate, nested again in the nesting house in the back yard.  We've seen three or four of the new baby birds out on the edge of the house, and taking flight.  I was outside for a long time, trying to catch a picture of the babies...........but they would only show their heads once I went back inside!

Nothing much planned for this week - but we have made plans to visit with Nate and Krystal and  to see their new "Gypsy Tails and Trails" farm and new home over in Myakka City, next weekend.  Can't wait!

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