Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Birthday Wishes...........

To our Granddaughter, 

Today  our lovely granddaughter turns 16.    All you ladies out there, I'm sure remember your 16th Birthday.  We could not wait, and then we counted the days until we were 18.   Chauna may be doing the same - but I do know one thing for sure.  This girl has made the very best of those first 16 years.  She is a very talented, beautiful young lady.  So here are a few of  Pa Pa Donald and my favorite pictures from the past year. 

Starting from the top left:  Chauna dressed up for Nerd Day at the Girl Scout day camp; with her boyfriend Ryan, on her first date, dressed for the High School Gala!  Receiving her Academic Excellence Awards and Letter for a 4.0 grade average. Looking beautiful at Bolt Castle/Thousand Islands and with brother Dalton, Pa Pa Donald and Gramma Do.  
With father Dennis and brother out in the fishing boat, and showing her big catch on Black Lake in NY.  Another with Ryan, with Mom, Crystal, after a successful day of geocaching, playing baseball at Jacobs Park, and my favorite.....performing at the Davenport Show Choir Show Off. 


AND a couple more Happy Birthday Wishes..........

To Rich's OLDER brother Bob Donald 

who celebrated #68 ( I think) on

 Wednesday April 8th

And to our very good friend Nick Cartos

( who's still just a young'n) celebrating 

today, April 9th.  


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  1. I'll make sure she see this and Thank You! Also you should hear from her today after school. Funny how you picked some of the same pictures as I did mine last night. We miss & love you!